Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Children naturally fear what they don’t know. We want your child’s first experience at the dentist to be a fun and positive one!

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At New You Dental Center, we are dedicated to providing a fun educational experience in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. We will explain the dental instruments, show how they are used, and will talk through each procedure so your child knows exactly what’s going on and how we are an important part of keeping teeth clean and healthy.

We are trained to work on children of all ages and keep current in all aspects of dental procedures in pediatric dentistry. Our first priority is to earn your child’s trust and set the foundation for a lifetime of positive dental experiences.

What age is ideal for a first dental visit?

Ideally, children should have their first dental visit soon after their first birthdays.  This visit is usually an introduction to the dentist and a quick exam of the mouth and jaws, and a discussion about diet and fluoride. We will address any questions or concerns you have about baby teeth, adult tooth formation, and lay the groundwork for helping your child develop healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. 

What are sealants?

A sealant is a resin material that is typically applied to the back teeth of young children to aid in cavity prevention. The grooves and depressions in the back teeth are especially hard for children to clean properly. Bacteria and food often get lodged and overtime cause cavities. We want to preserve teeth as much as possible so they last a lifetime. Applying sealants at an early age will prevent food and bacteria from sticking to the tooth surface. Of course, this does not take the place of regular brushing and flossing. Sealants are applied to teeth free from cavities or fillings. It will last several years but should be checked regularly by your dentist.

Gum care for infants:

When your baby’s teeth first start to push through the gums, you should start to clean them regularly. This can easily be done with a moistened, gauze wrapped finger. When your baby is old enough, chewing on “toothbrushes” designed for baby’s will help them transition from your finger to an actual toothbrush. 

Although baby teeth will eventually fall out, they are the placeholders for permanent teeth. They also aid in the proper alignment of jawbones and bite. Caring for baby teeth is important for your toddler’s smile as it is for his future adult one.   

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The staff at New You Flint was fantastic!! They were able to get me for an emergency visit within a couple hours as a new patient!! Great experience.
Comfort Rating: Five Star Rating!
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